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Community helping people and dogs to develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

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As they have before, dogs and humans can help each other again. Here, at Weight Waggers, we promote the unique benefits that dogs provide for people rescue.

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Ready to get walking now? Let’s get started! Walking is easy, cheap and effective but, if you’re not quite sure how to start walking with your dog, here are Weight Waggers’ top tips.

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Christina Farrell
Christina Farrell Age 30, Chicago
I don’t know who loves it more, me, or my dogs; Otis the Pug and Sadie the Frenchie! Before, I used to take my small dogs out only to go potty. Taking them for long walks seemed like a daunting and frustrating task because they would stop every two seconds to smell things, and worse, get easily over heated. Read More
Dog breeds were "invented" because dogs are such good helpers. Weight Waggers & Musical Tails team up for some fun facts about the history of different breeds.