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Mimi Pollow

My favorite walking companion for the last eleven years has been my dog Silas. He is a peke-a-poo. His first volksmarch was at the Northern Virginia Volksmarchers event in early May 1996. He was only three months old and was carried for half the walk. This was also the first walk he ever worked at.

I was working at a checkpoint. Silas was sleeping on the chair next to me. Every time someone came up, I would stand up to stamp their start card (a personal idiosyncrasy) and Silas would do so too. He was only three months old, had just done a 5 KM walk, and needed his sleep. I began holding him in my arms on his back, just like a baby, so he could sleep while I worked the checkpoint. He slept through our whole shift.

Kevin Shaw

At the Piedmont Pacers walk, at the Linganore Winery near Mt Airy MD about a year ago, Peaches did her famous 1/2 hour swim in this pond near the finish (It was quite a hot day, and I wanted the pooches to cool off). However, Peaches cooled off fast, then decided all the ducks and geese would be a lot of fun to swim after. Peaches covered every square foot of that pond, chasing the waterfowl. But she would get close, and they would just fly away!

This female walker worried about Peaches, and shamed me into trying to swim after her. She was going to do it if I didn’t! She thought I couldn’t swim. Just as I was about to enter the water, Peaches calmly swam over to shore near me. So I grabbed her and brought her to shore. My friend Marty had tried to find a boat at the start point, but to no avail. Peaches at times was breathing quite hard, and sounded like one of the waterfowl she was chasing, honking away! She also would honk hard when she would get so close to the birds, and they would fly away, and Peaches would get so exasperated! I believe I posted about this walk on the walklist and may be in your archives somewhere.

Lucy Krupp

My husband’s Maltese (a male named “Angel” who believes himself a Doberman) will follow my husband Marv anywhere. He has been on about 8 10k volksmarches. The only way this is possible is for me to hold his leash and walk several yards behind Marv. As long as Marv moves, the dog moves.

We always carry a water dish. The very first walk he did was a city walk with the Mid-Florida Milers. It was all concrete, and Angel didn’t seem to tire, but when we got home, he was too stiff to walk up two steps into the house. He slept almost nonstop for two days. We don’t take him on city walks anymore. The best walk for him was in Helen, Ga. It was all soft pine needles.

Marilyn McCarthy

My dog is a black dog and the sun really bothers him. I tried to make a cover for him out of a

t-shirt, but it didn’t work. He is resourceful in looking for shade when we are doing walks. Several people in our volksmarch club remember times when he would always be heading for shade on walks. I ended up carrying him several times on a walk in Page/Strawberry AZ because it was hot and hilly and he did want to budge.

Most of the time he is a real trooper and has been a great companion, since most of the time, it is just the two of us doing the walks. When I travel to walks, we camp out in the back of my truck which has a camper shell. I specifically bought the truck so that we could take road trips and he could sleep with me in the truck. It has worked out great.

Robin Rosenstock

Sherpa, my German Shepard, and I started walking while living in Germany about 7 years ago. When we first started walking, true to his heritage, if he thought we should be going faster, he started herding us along by circling the group.

Since he was on a leash, we all became very good at hopping over the leash as it came around! He did learn to become a better group walker eventually.

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