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It’s easier to start a fitness regime with someone to back you up, someone who will support you and push you to go further. Someone who drags you out even if you don’t feel up to it. In that spirit, a dog is by far the best workout partner you can ever have. People who have dogs are more motivated to walk.your dog gives all the motivation you need

Dogs are better partners than other people, because they will always be excited to go out. They’ll push you to it. Unlike other people who might train with you, a dog can’t make excuses and skip a workout. And the dog won’t listen to your excuses either. It will want to go out regardless of how you’re feeling. That’s a level of commitment that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Going to the gym can feel like a chore, but when you’re going out with your pup, you find that it doesn’t feel like exercise anymore. Your motivation is right with you, tugging at the leash. It’s been shown that people who walk their dogs, walk more than people who walk for the exercise alone.

The end result of this activity is pretty extraordinary. Pet owners who regularly walk their dogs are 42% more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who don’t. Three 20 minute walks will give you an hour’s worth of activity during the day.

Research has found that people who walk their dogs get more exercise than with a gym membership. On average, pet owners exercise their animals two times for about 24 minutes. Each week, they get five hours and 38 minutes of physical activity. People without dogs average only an hour and 20 minutes of exercise per week. That’s a significant difference.

Dogs have had human companions for generations. They’ve helped us survive the most difficult times. Now, they can help us by training us too. We can learn from them how to find the energy and the right motivation to get active. They will change our brains and reform our habits.

A doggy workout partner will keep you faithful in your routine, so you can both be happy and healthy!

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