Our Mission

As they have before, dogs and humans can help each other again. Here, at Weight Waggers, we promote the unique benefits that dogs provide for people rescue. We are committed to increasing public awareness of the important role dogs can play in helping humans develop lifelong fitness habits.

We focus on food and movement, therefore, our priorities are to help YOU and YOUR DOG:

  • Eat Healthy – eliminate kibble and treats;
  • Walk more, sit less;
  • Get out into the real world – no digital dogs – use your senses, meet and socialize.

 public awarness of the benefits of movement for dogs and people

Our Philosophy

Humans and dogs share a long history. From the stone age to the modern age, dogs have assisted with our work and our well-being. Once we needed a team of dogs to pull us, now we need a single dog to push us… off the couch and out the door. The modern environment has contributed to an explosion of obesity in both humans and dogs. There is wellness waiting on both ends of the leash.

Our Weight Waggers mascot, Plato 4 legs, reminds us of this important philosophy from Plato 2 legs: human beings are designed to walk. When humans walked across the Bering Straits to the New World over 12,000 years ago, dogs moved alongside them. For most of our existence, we walked miles a day – now many of us barely move.

Our weight is spiraling out of control and so are our dogs. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, a dog is always happy to accompany you on your journey to your new and vital life!