Getting Started

Ready to get walking now? Let’s get started! Walking is easy, cheap and effective but, if you’re not quite sure how to start walking with your dog, here are Weight Waggers’ top tips.


What YOU need to get started

  • Comfortable shoes;
  • Several layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. This allows you to control your temperature;
  • Sunscreen and some water if it’s hot.

If your health is not good, don’t rush. Allow yourself some time to build up your stamina and go at your own pace. If your dog has more energy than you, or if you feel he is too strong for you, consider enlisting a friend to help in the early stages.  Join the walk after the dog has had a good walk and drained off some of its energy. As your fitness and confidence improve,  you should soon be able to take over the walking entirely.

regular walks improve your health and your dog's too


What YOUR DOG needs to get started

  • A well-fitting collar;
  • A leash;
  • If it’s really hot take some water for the dog too.

 If your dog is nervous, just stand outside your front door for a few moments and then go back inside. Gradually extend the time outside and then move further away from the house. Don’t drag a nervous dog, instead, praise him for any steps forward. As his confidence increases, your walks should increase too.


On the road to fitness

Once you begin walking regularly, your health, and that of your dog, should start to steadily improve. A gradual improvement is what you are looking for; you are more likely to keep the weight off if it comes off slowly.

If you have a family, make sure that everyone gets a turn at going on the dog walk. It will help the whole family bond with the dog, get used to exercise, and become healthier. Develop a can-do attitude and don’t let the weather put you off your walk – remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing!

Feeling better and looking good should help motivate you to keep up your commitment, as should the bond you build with your dog. Remember that you are fitness partners but it is you who is (quite literally!) the leader. Your dog will be a faithful and enthusiastic training partner, but he can’t do it without you. Make a simple commitment for both your sakes, and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle one step at a me!