Who We Are

Weight Waggers is a not-for-profit initiative that offers people information and solutions on how they can work with their dogs in order to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

We believe that learning how to eat and move more with your dog will keep  both of you happier and healthier.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Theresa, Weight Waggers is based in the Chicago area and operates on a volunteer basis.

theresa nesbitt

What We Do  

Our passionate Weight Waggers team and experts are here to provide constant and helpful information about how you and your dog can get healthy and have fun together.

Some of our activities focus on:

  •   Educating people about the value of an active lifestyle with their dog
  •   Promoting events that encourage physical activity with their dog
  •   Supporting local causes to grow awareness

Get in touch with Weight Waggers by visiting our Contact page.