Your dog can rescue you only if you show up

Don’t rely on other people to build a weight wagging habit. Your dog can only rescue you if you show up and build a habit.

You are the pack leader

Feeling better and looking good should help motivate you to keep up your commitment, as should the bond you build with your dog. Remember that you are fitness partners but it is you who is (quite literally!) the leader. Your dog will be a faithful and enthusiastic training partner, but he can’t do it without you. Make a simple commitment for both your sakes and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle one step at a me.

People start to walk for all sorts of reasons. They know that it’s healthy and they need to stay active. Unfortunately, how hard we work, our effort and energy is measured by our motivation. When we’re doing things for ourselves, to be healthy and fit, we can easily slide.

Your dog can rescue you

Dogs motivate us to walk

But when we’re asked to perform for someone else, when the motivation is external, we rise to the occasion. We even go above and beyond. Studies show that people are much more likely to stick to a walking program with a dog than with a friend or any other human. Volunteers who walked shelter dogs and had to ride a bus to get to the shelter were the most compliant with the walking program.

That’s because dogs don’t read text messages or understand excuses. They just miss you when you don’t show up. When you’re deciding to walk your dog, don’t think about it as something you’re only doing for yourself or only for your four-legged friend. The relationship helps the both of you.

Benefits for both of you

Here’s a startling statistic: More than 50% of dogs are overweight. Like people, they’re overfed and under-exercised. When you take a dog out on a walk, you’re participating in their natural instincts to explore. It stimulates their brains and keeps them happy. Walks keep the dog calm and help them bond with you.

Rather than simply letting your furry friend out into the yard, take a stroll together through the neighborhood. You’ll get benefit from the physical activity, true, but you’ll also have the knowledge that you’re doing a good thing for your pet. The happiness of your pet is a great reason to get moving.

But remember, when you walk your dog, as much you’re helping them stay active and fit, you’re doing to the same for yourself. The same benefits your dog gets from walk, you get. Regular walks will reduce stress, inflammation, burn calories and lower cholesterol levels.

Walking helps maintain weight loss over the long term and reduces the risk of diabetes by a third. All that from walking and spending time outside with a perfect support system. The dog is always going to help you stay fit as long as they get to have some of the fun.