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I don’t know who loves it more, me, or my dogs; Otis the Pug and Sadie the Frenchie! Before, I used to take my small dogs out only to go potty. Taking them for long walks seemed like a daunting and frustrating task because they would stop every two seconds to smell things, and worse, get easily over heated.Christina Ferrell

It turns out, after committing to going for regular walks in the morning and evening with them, and sticking to it, they soon got over the intrigue of all the new smells out there, and even built up there little bodies to handle longer walks.

In addition to the loss weight for me and my dogs, another great benefit of walking is we go to the groomers a lot less to get their nails cut. Not only is there a financial reward in this, but anyone with a pug knows what a relief it is to not have to wrestle with him once a month for nail trims!

Our daily walks are a ritual now. They get their exercise and an opportunity to experience the great outdoors, and I get some time to myself to listen to my audio books or music. I’ve recently got back into running, so now, I’ll take my little guys on a walk for a warm up to a long run, and then again to cool down when I return.

They are my accountability partners and when I hear them snoring on the couch and watch their little feet move when they sleep, I know they are dreaming about our next adventure outside.

The first steps are the hardest, but if you set a schedule, stick to it and set rewards along the way, it’ll become second nature, and I promise, you and your dogs will be happier and healthier!


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My father and me with Penny and Lilly
My father and me with Penny and Lilly

Before I got my dog, Penny, I didn’t know a single neighbor in my little 12-unit apartment building. I now know every person, and I have socialized with (and even dated!) a few of them.

Although my next-door neighbor gives us a wide birth when we pass her (she’s afraid of dogs and is convinced Penny wants to ‘eat’ her,) we are still very friendly. Penny is a natural conversation-starter. She has bridged the gap between me and a bunch of other somewhat self-centered or simply shy people. She lavishes a petting with lots of kisses and excited circles around the bestow-er. Most find her irresistible.

There are several dogs in my larger apartment complex and I know every single one of them and their owners. We often convene near the mail boxes and swap funny dog stories or homeopathic medical remedies for our pups. For example, dogs don’t like menthol and a dab of Vics Vapo-Rub will keep a dog from chewing a beloved piece of furniture. Also, pureed pumpkin is a panacea for diarrhea. Frozen ice cubes of chicken stock can keep a dog occupied for a good long while as can any small tube stuffed with peanut butter.Crsiten and Dogs


Penny brings me joy every day and it’s catching. My parents have adopted a dog named Lily and they now spend much more time outdoors, going on long walks, playing fetch or just giving her love. Unequivocally, getting Penny was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love waking up to those big brown eyes and it’s hard to imagine my life before her.

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